Answers to commonly asked questions about using Contacts @Work.

Do I need to register first to login?

The app is ready to use immediately. No registration is required. Just use your company’s username  that you use to login to Windows, Active Directory or Exchange, and get started.

What is my login name and password?

The app works with Active Directory authentication. So you can use your company’s username and password that you use to login to Windows, Active Directory or Exchange. 

Here are some examples of how the user name may look like

Some companies use the following format




Auto discovery has failed? Where can I find my Server name?

Every network of an organization is unique. In some cases, the app may fail to discover your companies Active Directory Servers.

In this case you have to manually enter the server name in the Settings page. You can ask your company service desk to provide that information for you. 

Can I use this app over WIFI and Cellular network?

Absolutely! The app works for WIFI as well as Cellular network. 

Can I use this app from outside the company network?

As far as the app can connect to the companies Active Directory Servers, it works from any where. 

Normally, when you are external, you may have to connect the VPN before you run the app.

Send us an email, and we can work on automating the process for you.

Do I need to work with IT to use this app?

No. You can download the app and connect immediately. No configuration is required by IT for the app to run.

Does the app run over the VPN?

The app runs perfectly well over the VPN. Send us an email, and we can work on automating the process for you.

What is Active Directory? How do I know if my company uses Active Directory?

Active Directory is a server technology from Microsoft  that stores users, computers, passwords and other information. Active Directory is used by 90% of the fortune 500 companies to provide the  authentication and authorization service.

If you are logging into your PC by pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL or using emails on your Exchange Servers, you are probably using Active Directory Services.

Still confused, contact your IT Service desk, or send us an email.