Press Release – Apptute Inc. launches Contacts @Work Mobile App To Assist Employees To Find And Reach Co-workers On The Go

Apptute Inc. launches Contacts @Work mobile app to assist employees find and reach co-workers on the go. Contacts @Work is an employee directory app that lets employees find and reach co-workers from anywhere, and at anytime, when they need them the most. Co-workers can be searched by name, department, title or even location. Users can see the colleague’s personal info, photo, teams, manager, direct reports and more. The app shows details in a directory that reflects the structure of the organization. Contacts @Work is the most secure employee directory available on the market today. Unlike competitors’ products, no data is stored or

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Cost of a password related help desk call

Study: The ROI Case for Smart Cards in the Enterprise Date: November 2004 Datamonitor estimates a typical password related call can cost an enterprise anywhere between $10 and $40, through notes that some large organizations are billing password resets internally at a cost of $50 per reset. Comment: See other statistics from this study to observe the data used by Datamonitor to come up with these estimates. Read at

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Contacts @Work – A user story

I want to share a secret with you. I am terrible at remembering people’s name and faces. It has led to embarrassing situations, times and again. I completely mistook a VP of the firm for a Python Developer I had been looking for. It leads to some tongue in the cheek moments. Thankfully, no serious damage occurred. Around the same time, I came across this app contacts @work to organize the names and photos of the colleagues in an ordered list. But that is what all apps do? Still, since I was bored and frustrated at my lack of concentration,

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In the news – Review by INTELLECTUAP

Contacts @Work is a free Business iOS app that will help you organize your professional life in the neatest and easiest way possible. It is a feature-rich organizer that will enable you to search and access the contact info from your colleagues very fast using Active Directory or Exchange. The app works in very convenient way and it will pull up amazing amount of relevant data about the place you work for. You will have all the detailed information about your colleagues and managers on your iPhone or iPad. The app is very clean, fast and highly functional. Like we

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Press Release – Office Address Book 1.2 is now available

Apptute Inc. has announced the release of Office Address Book on the iTunes App Store. The app allows an enterprise user to access the company address book instantly from their device, anywhere and everywhere. It brings elegance and order to the wealth of information in the company’s address book and presents it in an easy and intuitive way. Office Address Book provides search and information to the commonly used objects in the directory like users, groups, conference rooms and personal data. Santa Clara, California – Apptute Inc. is pleased to introduce Office Address Book  for iOS. The app brings elegance and order to the wealth of information

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