I want to share a secret with you. I am terrible at remembering people’s name and faces. It has led to embarrassing situations, times and again. I completely mistook a VP of the firm for a Python Developer I had been looking for. It leads to some tongue in the cheek moments. Thankfully, no serious damage occurred.

Around the same time, I came across this app contacts @work to organize the names and photos of the colleagues in an ordered list. But that is what all apps do? Still, since I was bored and frustrated at my lack of concentration, I decided to play with the app.

I signed in and to my surprise this app has fetched all of my colleague’s info from the workplace directory. There were pictures and emails and their postal addresses, everything that you need. And I can even choose my profile pic. The app has fetched some of my most viewed professional pictures and gives me an option to select among those or upload a new one.

Now, I know the name of the guy I see in the cafeteria and in my coffee breaks. One that nods and greets me every time. He is our new project head, David. And those who use the app know my name too, with my picture!

To my amazement, the app comes with a password management system. It notifies you about the expiration of your windows password, will nudge you to create a new, stronger password and a lot more. I love the clean and minimalistic design of the app, it is far easier to use than the other apps in the market who have synched all the office contacts and completely messed my personal address book. But not this one, it just kept my office contacts and personal contacts separate.

The app allows me to also search groups and conference rooms, and there is nothing better than this app when it comes to network like a pro. You can update information about yourself and it will automatically sync with all of your colleagues. How cool is that?

No fuzz, No stumbling blocks, A well organized contact list for all your needs!