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Mobile Employee Directory

Contacts @Work lets you find co-workers from anywhere and at anytime. Unlike competitors' products, no data is stored or synchronized to servers, mobile devices or the Cloud. Designed with love, so that employees no longer need to clutter their personal address book with work contacts.

  • Find Colleagues

    Power search to find and reach colleagues by name, title, department, or place.

  • View Details

    See detailed information like title, department, email, phone number, location or a custom field. Put faces to names and avoid embarrassment, no one likes a colleague who couldn't remember their name.

  • Connect and Collaborate

    Tap to call, text or email, and connect instantly from within the app.

  • Discover your Organization

    See their manager, teams, and direct reports in a directory that reflects the structure of your organization. Experience holding the company directory in your hand.

IT Self Service

Enabling and empowering you to solve your own IT problems. Gain efficiency and help reduce your organization's help desk calls. Loved by employees and loved by IT. Self Service from any where and at anytime.

Password Management

Learn when your password is about to expire and change it directly from your phone. It's time to say goodbye to CTRL-ALT-DEL.

Photo Upload

Upload your photo from the photo gallery or snap a new one. Show your mood and personality with a single tap.


Find groups and conference rooms using different filters. View the owners and members of the group.

Conference rooms

View conference room details such as capacity, phone numbers, and photos, etc.

Will it work for me?

Contacts @Work retrieves information from your company’s Active Directory, that stores employee's names, passwords and other critical information. It is used by more than 90% of Fortune 500 firms, and its presence is even higher in medium to large firms.

The probability of your company using Active Directory is huge, so this app is for you.


On the login page, use the Auto Discovery wizard for the app to discover your company servers. If you are remote, you may have to connect with the VPN. Your IT Department may have already configured the VPN on your device to securely connect and access your corporate network.

In case of difficulty with first time login, feel free to reach us, at our support page. We can also work with your IT department and make the login process seamless from anywhere and at anytime.


Contacts @Work automatically discovers and connects to Active Directory directly from corporate WiFi network or via VPN. SSL/TLS is fully supported for secure communication.

The beauty of this app is that it does not require any server agent to be installed or managed in your corporate network or in the cloud. This app is built with an enterprise-grade security in mind. It is a perfect compliment to BYOD where the corporate address book and personal address book co-exist but are still separate.

We would love to hear from you about your customization or integration needs.


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